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 the environment

our commitment to

Green Energy

Curtumes Ibéria S.A. is proud to confirm that uses  100% of its energy consumption from renewable energies and as a result being more sustainable, clean and reducing our environmental footprint.

Water Treatment

100% of the water used in the tannery, goes to a water treatment facility, where water is treated under a meticulous processes. Water is treated and sent to the local river Ribeira do Carvalho, which is then used for several possibilities such as irrigation.
Curtumes Ibéria S.A. is pround to work with one of the best water treatment stations in the world.

Animal Welfare

As a global player in the leather industry, animal welfare is on a complex and important subject for our company.

We only work with raw material which are by -products of the meet industry. This way our clients know that they are contributing to a circular industry.  
Our animal welfare policy does not accept the use from endangered species, animals from the Amazon Forrest and listed on the CITIES.

As Animal Welfare starts at the slaughterhouse, our team has been putting a plan to work with suppliers which meet internationally ratified standards such as OIE Guidelines.

Curtumes Ibéria S.A .acknowledges that improvements must continue to be made and therefore our team keeps working closely with its suppliers to encourage them with best practices.

Corporate Responsability

At Curtumes Ibéria’s we strive to have a clean, flexible and professional production.
In the last years we have been working to improve our environmental footprint.
Through our corporate responsability programm our employees aim for  good practices and environmental responsibility and we also demand suppliers and all stakeholders to operate in the same standards.



Innovation and empowerment of the footwear industry for a sustainable bioeconomy.

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